JnB is an Amsterdam-based consultancy specialising in independent derivatives and funding advice. Our primary focus is price calculation of derivatives, including XVA and regulatory impacts, allowing us to advise on price negotiations and the other choices you face. As a result we are able to provide you with full insight on which to base your decisions, both when entering into transactions and as economic circumstances change, and ultimately ensure that all your transactions are competitively priced to your advantage.

We don’t just take an event or execution-driven view of business but instead provide proactive support across the entire portfolio lifecycle, from development of your hedging policy and strategy, through price valuation and negotiation, to possibilities to restructure or unwind existing transactions. Our advice is underpinned by tailored reporting and support services to keep you informed on the derivative and capital markets and your specific opportunities.

Our Services

We cover portfolios containing interest rate, credit, FX and commodity derivatives, and service primarily mid-sized and large corporates, pension funds, and public institutions. We bring over 25 years of banking experience to bear on unlocking the value in your transactions, ensuring your hedging is as efficient as possible and providing comfort and reassurance to you and your organisation.

  • Financing Strategy;
  • Hedging Structures;
  • Transaction Pricing;
  • Repricing opportunities.